BASTION Kickstarter: Am I Finished or am I Done?

BASTION-Glory_of_the_SistersEveryone involved in the Kickstarter should be congratulated, and that includes the 232 backers that made it a reality.

Thank you

I’m not done yet. We have five days to go and that gives us time to add extra content to the book. My intent is not to do over the top stretch goals, only things that will enhance the existing text and add value to the generous monies you’ve already pledged.


What I have in mind-


A detailed map of Bastion including locations, NPCs, and plot hooks

I want to include a Bastion style dungeon crawl in the book along with key locations. More maps, more art, more sword, and soul writing.

  • More Art and 16 more pages of content.
  • More content on the city of Bastion, plus an adventure that takes place under the city.



More art and content on the world outside the walls of Bastion. There is a lot already, but we could add so much more.

  • More Art and 16 more pages of content.
  • Three more adventures in the core book



(this is my unrealistic goal, but hey, why not?)

  • Create a version of Bastion that completely compatible with ATLANTIS: The Second Age and incorporate the game world into that milieu.


Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Thank you.

Please keep spreading the word and sending positive vibes.


Still time to get in where you fit in. Click the link below



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