Mythic D6 is a D6 compatible rulebook that allows players to create daring characters in heroic action adventure genres! The MYTHIC D6 game system powers action adventure in any milieu from fantasy to science fiction.

Make dynamic characters like Xena and Hercules, Mack Bolan the Executioner, Doc Savage, Remo Williams the destroyer, super-powered heroes like Spider-Man, or even science fantasy protagonists like Mace Windu.  With MYTHIC D6, any setting is a heroic action adventure waiting to happen.

MYTHIC D6 is a dice-based tabletop RPG created to play heroic action adventure in your genre of choice. The spiritual successor of the D6 Legends games system produced by West End Games. The system and the game worlds it supports opens new options and opportunities for gaming across a wide spectrum of genres. Incorporating 20 years of gaming innovation into a tried and true system gives gamers ultimate flexibility when looking for a transparent and intuitive game system.


What is MYTHIC D6 and what does it do?

“My philosophy about almost every roleplaying game is that they all boil down to superheroes packaged in different outfits and settings. They may not all shoot optic blast from their eyes like Cyclops, leap tall buildings like Superman, or strike fear into the hearts of criminals like the Batman, but they are all superheroic in one way or another.

In RPGs set in mythic fantasy lands like many D&D games, you are a Hero who can fight dragons, teleport through walls, and burn hordes of undead with fireballs or lightning strikes. Superheroes.

In Feng Shui, you mow through mooks without a second thought, shrugging off the sword and bullet attacks. Superheroes.

In the year 2020, characters in Night City can weave nano-fibers into their skin and graft muscle onto metal-laced skeletons to enhance strength and reflex time. Those same characters are then able to perform amazing and sometimes ridiculous feats like chasing down moving cars, or stopping them through hacking the drive system. Superheroes.

Doc Savage was a man of action with amazing intellectual and physical abilities (he even had a Fortress of Solitude before the Man of Steel). Conan was a mighty barbarian who broke a bull’s neck with his bare hands at the age of 16. Both superheroes.”

-Jerry D. Grayson

MYTHIC D6’s design allows you to create characters emulating these Heroes. In MYTHIC D6, I hope you find everything you need for a game of superheroics, whether it’s a 1920s gangbuster action series where men of mystery thwart crime syndicates, postmodern superheroes fighting supervillains on the moon, or fantasy warriors slaying dragons in the caves of Múspellsheimr!



If you’re interested in the game, the first 17 pages can be found at MythicD6_Intro