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Less than 22 hours remain…

That’s right folks, there are only 24 hours left to back the most significant Kickstarter in the history of D6 system kickstarters in November. Yes, its oddly specific but I do not lie. Never has there been a more exciting Kickstarter called MYTHIC D6.

Be a part of the excitement!

The Kickstarter ends in 24 hours and you….YES YOU, have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a cultural paradigm shift in RPG history. Tell your children you were there when the skies opened, and MYTHIC D6 descended from heaven.

It’s up to you now!

Tell a friend, spread the word, and sing the praises of MYTHIC D6 as it moves over the gaming landscape.

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Project Mythic: Adventure Anthology


More Kickstarter news!

Next week is a will mark the end of the Kickstarter, and before that happens, I want to talk about another addition to the tier rewards.

The Project Mythic: Adventure Anthology.

Note the changes in the 1D6+2 and the 3D6 tier.
Both now include the Project Mythic: Adventure Anthology.

The supplement will feature adventures from:

Eloy Lasanta
Prolific writer and creator of Part-Time Gods, Ninja Crusade, and Amp Year One – Four

Ron Edwards
The prolific creator of the Sorcerer RPG and a catalyst behind the indie story game movement.

Misha Bushyager
A talented writer and human being. Works include contributions to War Birds, Chill: SAVE, Lovecraftesque, Misspent Youth

Chris Spivey
Writer/creator and living legend behind the provocative Harlem Unbound

Greg Saunders
D6 Maven that created the outstanding Exilium RPG

Simon Washbourne
The mastermind behind Barbarians of Lemuria, Triumphant, and Supers!

Elizabeth Chaipraditkul
The Mega talent behind the roleplaying game Witch and prolific gun for hire in the RPG industry.

And a guy named Puddles
A man that owns a turtle and sleeps in kung-fu pants. He does work here and there, but nothing of interest. He’s participating because I feel sorry for him.


Eight adventures from 8 talented and respected creators in the RPG industry

A 48-page Adventure anthology to compliment the MYTHIC D6 Core book.








Peanuts_MEI publish small independent tabletop roleplaying games and have done so since 2002. Whenever the subject of diversity comes up a handful of people of color are invoked as part of the community. If the RPG industry is the Peanuts Gang, I’m the Franklin, the black guy.

There is never a lot of us, and it’s usually the same people. Occasionally, a new guy will pop up, but it’s just that, a new GUY.


Where are the Black, Latina, Native American, Indian, and Middle Eastern women game designers, writers, artist, and publishers?


I know that women of color play roleplaying games, I see them at conventions and game gatherings. Sometimes they sit at my table and play. I know there are more than I’m seeing but I want to be aware of you all. I want to know you, be mindful of you, follow and support you.


With Khepera Publishing, my company, I can’t make a huge difference, but I’m willing to put money where my heart is and attempt it. I want to hire women to help write, illustrate, and design roleplaying games.  I want women to use what small resources, and knowledge I have to springboard into the industry and make a difference. I can’t offer much, but what little I have I’m fully committed to using.


Here is my agenda for reaching out-

I’m Not a Woman, But Hopefully, I Can Help.

There is an unfair power dynamic in the gaming industry that says they want diversity, but usually only old white, straight men make the hiring decisions. I want to infuse the RPG community with people that look like me and hopefully, in turn, make the landscape more inviting to People of Color. I can’t do this alone, and I’m not a woman. I can assume I know what women of color like, but I’m a man, and as good as my intentions may be, I’m sure women would do it better. I want to know what women want out of the hobby, and give them an avenue to share that voice.

Representative and Creative Diversity

I not only want Women of Color to work in the industry, but I also want them to have a vested interest in seeing the hobby flourish. I want to see Latina and Black women own their own RPG publishing companies, I want them to do the hiring, and I want them to create next level games. I want more Women of Color to have the power to affect this industry in a meaningful way.

Through Diversity Comes Strength

It’s an axiom that’s becoming a cliché, but a good cliché. It’s the truth. The more diverse the talent and creative people we have in the industry, the better. LGTBQA+, women, and people of color are the panacea for the RPG industry. I love being comfortable, but the pitfall is that encourages a homogenous culture and ultimately stagnation. I want something new that makes me challenge my assumptions and pushes me outside my own skin. I want to change who the protagonist is in the narrative; I want to change the commonly held belief in this industry and make this industry something better than what it is.

Voice and Agency

I want to help foster a safe place for women of color to have a voice and platform to do good work and to share their opinions.


All the above are my pie in the sky ideas. I may not be the best person for the job, but I hope someone out there reaches out to help me be better and the industry too.


I can’t promise the world, but I can promise to at least answer the door when you come knocking.

We cannot do it without you.



I can be reached at the link below

If this is something that interests you, please contact me at the link below. Online portfolios and writing samples are fine. You don’t need a lot of experience with roleplaying games, just a vast creative well to pull from and the endurance to see a project through.


Please contact me at




A look at Oblivion

Terra Oblivion

A game world built for use with the MYTHIC D6 system.

Terra Oblivion is a roleplaying game based on the artwork of Steven Sanders. Steven is an excellent artist with awe-inspiring artwork. With access to this artwork we just had to create a game world to do it justice. If you don’t know Stevens artwork, please check it out on his site.

What is Terra Oblivion?

A sci-fi fantasy game world where the only hope for salvation is humanity’s intrinsic link with flora and fauna of a once-verdant world.




And elite cadre of artist…


35I have John Vita working on art for the core book. Some of you may recognize his work from the ATLANTIS: Theragraphica sourcebook.


Behind the scenes, I’m working and collaborating with several artists (illustrators and writers) to get Bastion, Irin, and Terra Oblivion ready to go.  I’ve assembled an elite cadre of talent to give you the most bang for your buck, and I hope I live up to your expectations.




A RPG Public Service Announcement

The Kickstarter is healthy and doing well, but if you can help spread the word, that would be great. If not for me, do it for Johnny.

Here is my goal today, and I need your help.

Let see if we can share and get others to share the image below. My goal is 200 shares, and I think we can do that if everyone throws the link into their social media feeds. Let’s see how far we can get.

Please share




Bastion: Afrocentric Sword and Sorcery RPG Setting

Jerry D. Grayson the magnificent!



One of the stretch goals for the MYTHIC D6 Kickstarter is the World of Bastion. The original idea for Bastion was to do a traditional Tolkien fantasy game, but the more I worked on it, the more I got bored regurgitating the same themes and points of view as countless other games. I knew I couldn’t do that game and once I let go, I was free to make this something else. I got rid of a lot of western ideas that permeated the game and went looking for something else. African cultures have a lot to offer, and it gave me the bonus of learning about the myths legends and philosophies of West Africa.

I’ve already traveled that road with the revamp of ATLANTIS: The Second Age, and I wanted to do something new and untethered by conventional fantasy roleplaying. I’m not sure if I succeed, but I tapped a few friends (Matthew Bottiglieri and Elizabeth Chaipraditkul) to help bring my outline to life and started work on Bastion. I didn’t want to do a rehash of West African culture; I tried to borrow, shape and re-imagine some of the aspects to give the game a fresh perspective. That’s what I hope Bastion will be, a new perspective. I also wanted to showcase the MYTHIC D6 system and illustrate what the game could do.


What is Bastion?

Bastion is a post-apocalyptic fantasy game with an Afrocentric point of view, set in the last city at the edge of the world. A fantasy horror game where decay and the warping power of animated chaos twists everything it touches.


In the dying land of Ife Oodaye, Bastion is the last city of the free people. Its high walls shelter the survivors of the great devil that hungers to destroy them. It is here that the last embers of hope burn.



The following writers shaped and influenced the concepts in Bastion and without them, perhaps Bastion would be much different.

  • Charles R. Saunders: For the Imaro series of book.
  • Michael Moorcock: His Eternal Champion and the odd description of the warping influence of chaos.
  • Clark Ashton Smith: For all the weird world of sword and sorcery fantasy, he delivered in his time.
  • Glenn Cook: For the Black Company Series
  • Stephen King: For the horror novella, The Mist


What do Heroes in Bastion do?

Bastion is a post-apocalyptic game where the heroes go into the wasteland to find survivors of the global holocaust that corrupted all life. At its core, Bastion is about the sacrifice the heroes will make to push back the warping plague harrowing the earth.

The players of Bastion take on the roles of a Fihankra, the security, and shields of the people of Bastion.

The Fihankra are the greatest warriors that have ever walked the dying land of Ife Oodaye. The sigil carved into the center of their foreheads resembles a slash of blue of flame. The same blue fire glows within the pools of their eyes.


What kind of heroes can players, play?

AkanThe Akan

The proud men and women of Ife Oodaye. The Akan are the leaders of the free people of Bastion, and in them the gods found favor.


The Tunannu

Once the rulers of the world of Ife Oodaye, the diminutive reptiles now ally themselves with the Akan against the Overfiend.



Rijal-Alhajar believe that oaths are as solid as their stone bodies. The stone men of Ife Oodaye are the most potent warriors god has ever made.


The Umbari

The Akan men have always known that the Umbari exist, but their encounters with them have been fleeting. The Umbari are things of shadow push from their shadowy homes in the eternal twilight of the south. They now ally themselves against the menace of the Overfiend.


The Solari

The solari are not from Ife Oodaye. They hail from another dimension or world altogether. The Solari are made from a spark of the sun and burn just as bright.




Now for some more fun. There are many publishers/creators of color out there doing great things in the RPG industry, and I wanted to give a shout out. Please look at their efforts and be surprised by the depth of the creativity and drive. Do yourselves a favor and check out these talented creators.


AllenTurnerAllen Turner

Allen Turner teaches game design at DePaul University. He’s a Black/Lakota/Irish game designer, storyteller, artist, dancer, author, and performer who believes in the power of play and story as fundamental, powerful medicines which shape our sense of self, relationships, and our connection to the cosmos.

Allen worked in the video game industry for 15 years creating for such studios as Bungie Software, Day 1 Studios, Wideload Games, and Disney Interactive Studios.

Allen utilized his design, storytelling, and cultural experience to create, and publish, a table-top RPG called “Ehdrigohr: The Roleplaying Game.” A dark fantasy setting that pulls from the myths and folklore of Native American peoples and tribal peoples from all over the world, Ehdrigohr explores tribal themes and allegorical battles with depression, solitude, identity, and erasure.

Currently he’s working on a new project, Arboretum Imaginarium, which is a tool for exploring personal and social narratives.

More info at



ChrisSpiveyChris Spivey

Chris Spivey has a decades-old love of gaming, horror, history, and a mission to create a more inclusive gaming world. As CEO of Darker Hue Studios, Chris just released Harlem Unbound (compatible with both Call of Cthulhu and Gumshoe). Chris has written for other publishers and his work includes Cthulhu Confidential, Thousand Years of Night, Geist 2nd Edition, 7th SeaSourcebook, Scion 2nd Edition, Out of the Woods and some unnamed upcoming projects. Chris is a father and husband and has a strong penchant for scotch. In fact, he will write for scotch (the good stuff, at least).

More info at



EloyLasantaEloy Lasanta

Eloy Lasanta started in the RPG industry in 2008, and has produced over many settings (i.e. The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, AMP: Year One, and Part-Time Gods. He’s also created a number of systems to support those games, like the Pip System, the Dynamic Gaming System, and the Chakra System. Eloy has even contributed to other publishers’ works, such as the Firefly RPG from Margaret Weiss, Geist: The Sin-Eaters from Onyx Path, and Call of Catthulu from He stays busy.

More info at




The first Stretch goal is less than $3k away

So, we know that game will be produced, that’s now a fact. We know that everyone is excited about the game. Do we know if the game will be glossy and full color? I guess that’s up to everyone involved.

Please share your excitement and tell a friend about a D6 system Kickstarter that’s genuinely Mythic.


MYTHIC D6, we just shot the Grinch in the face!

Hello All,

I changed the Tiers to be a bit more generous for the MYTHIC D6 Kickstarter. I suggest you read over the Tiers and adjust your pledge accordingly. This will change the amounted funded up to this point but, I hope that you guys find added value here.


Most bang for your buck is the 1D6+1 and 2D6 Tier

What changed?

I added the following

All the achieved Stretch Goals in PDF plus the following;

Receive PDFs of the following original GODSEND Agenda titles

  • GODSEND Agenda D6
  • GODSEND Agenda: Mythos
  • GODSEND Agenda: U.S.E.R.’s Most Wanted
  • GODSEND Agenda: ExtraordinAgents
  • GODSEND Agenda: GOD-Maker

PLUS, one Khepera Publishing PDF of your choice from the HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone or ATLANTIS: The Second Age line


Why the Change?

Someone I respected pointed out to me that I was being stingy and a real ass. Once I realized how much of a tool I had been I decided to set out and make things right. (I wish they had said this before the campaign started, but no harm no foul)

It makes a lot of the tiers obsolete and a few levels more robust. This is actually, a cool thing. If I succeed, we all succeed. If I win, you win.

I sincerely apologize for the confusion and any trouble this may have cause.