I’ve created a monster!

Hey readers!
I just finished the “beta” layout of the GODSEND Agenda. The book is exactly 500 pages. This book is officially the biggest thing I have ever produced, and I can say without a doubt that it will be a complete game.
Why is the game so big? Two reasons:

  • The font size. Instead of a smaller font that would save my page count, I went with a legible font size.
  • Each chapter is comprehensive. I didn’t hold anything back for a future supplement. Everything you need or will ever need for a game of GODSEND Agenda is found between the covers. Think of any GODSEND Agenda supplement as gravy and not something you need.

The PDF is going out to the Kickstarter backers to enjoy. Once I have the layout 100% nailed down and have a few odds and ends in hand, the book will be done.

I look forward to sharing this with the world.

Below are sample pages torn from the book