GODSEND Agenda: Post Modern Mythology

This one has been on the backburner for a while but I’m finally putting the pedal to the metal.

GODSEND Agenda is a story of…

…powerful aliens who positioned themselves as gods on Earth thousands of years ago
…a race of Atlantean oracles who foresaw a desolate future dominated by an incomprehensible alien race.
…genetically augmented transhumans, doomed to die fighting to save a world that turns its back on them.
…a star-spanning alien blight that slowly and insidiously conquers planet after planet.
…and the slim yet powerful hope of man’s eventual triumph over them all.

The GODSEND Agenda is not your typical game of costumes and superpowers. It looks at superhumans and how they affect the world around them. It also deals with how our culture worships them, now and in times past. GODSEND Agenda offers players chances to not only interact with those legendary celestial beings but to walk among them as equals.

More to come…


ATLANTIS: Pirate Queens of Sheba

ATLANTIS_SHEBA_CoverATLANTIS: Pirate Queens of Sheba

By : Elizabeth Chaipraditkul & Jerry “Gut Butter” Grayson

A full-length adventure set in the antediluvian world of ATLANTIS!

Entangled in a web of intrigue spanning the Sheban criminal underworld and the gleaming halls of the Queen’s royal palace. The heroes fight, sail, and plunder across the scintillating island kingdom of Sheba in their attempt at stopping the rapacious pirate queen Zenobia


Pirate Queens of Sheba includes:

  • A full-length adventure that spans the lands of Sheba
  • Complete non-player character write-ups
  • Chaotic Combat scenarios
  • And much, much more.

Requires the ATLANTIS: The Second Age core book

PDF on sale November 5th through Drivethrurpg and RPGnow

05 - Raining heads

MYTHIC D6 Adventure Anthology On Sale Soon!

MYTHIC D6: Adventure Anthology

MythicD6_Anthology_FRONTCoverMYTHIC D6: Adventure Anthology One small book, one giant step into superheroic roleplaying! The MYTHIC D6 Adventure anthology contains 40+ plot hooks, and six pulse-pounding adventures by some of the industry’s top talent.

By Elizabeth Chaipraditkul (WITCH: Fated Souls, 7th Sea: Heroes & Villains)

The Cincinnati Dragon
By Simon Washbourne (Barbarians of Lemuria, Triumphant!)

Questionable Truths
By Chris Spivey (Harlem Unbound, 7th Sea: Lands of Gold and Fire)

Against Time
By Greg Saunders (Exilium, Summerland, and Esoterica)

The Casa Del Rey Incident
By Kieran Turley (HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone, Dragon Warrior, Space 1889) & Churlish Rosebottom (El Segundo Region Hot Dog Eating Semifinalist)

Twice as Bright
By Kieran Turley (HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone, Dragon Warrior, Space 1889)

The Book also contains:

  • 40+ plot hooks to use with your Project Mythic game
  • Pre-generated characters for quick play
  • Over 70 pages of superheroic Fun!


PDF on sale Monday, November 5th at Drivethrurpg & RPGnow

MYTHIC D6 Adventure Anthology


The MYTHIC D6 Adventure Anthology is taking shape and moving along.

The book is going to edits

The art has been commissioned

And the cover is almost done.

The MYTHIC D6 Adventure Anthology

For the Project: Mythic game world contains several adventures written by some of the industry’s top writing talents.
64+ pages of extraordinary adventures mixing super heroics with cosmic horror.

  • Greg Saunders (Exilium, Summerland, Esoterica)
  • Kieran Turley (Dragon Warriors, Space 1889)
  • Elizabeth Chaipraditkul (Witch, Familiars of Terra)
  • Chris Spivey (Harlem Unbound)
  • Simon Washbourne (Barbarians of Lemuria, Triumphant!)


Gen Con 2018, or “How Jerry spent his 8th grade summer”

I spent a week in Indianapolis doing the Gen Con thing. IPR (A.K.A. Indie Press Revolution) sold MYTHIC D6 and allowed me the luxury of walking the halls, play games, and give away MYTHIC D6 books to anyone that found me. I had a great time and saw a lot of excellent and creative games.


Below is a picture of my haul from Gen Con this year, but the best thing I took away from it all was the experience and memories of meeting so many beautiful people. It’s stunning to meet so many diverse people that share the same enthusiasm and love for the hobby.

My tribe. Even with all our weird hang up, geekeries, and oddness I love you all. We are a beautiful thing, and when we congregate and make that gestalt uber-nerd, it’s even better.


I am Gamer, and we are many


I hope to see more of you next year!

Gen Con Sunday Free book Phrase

Want to snag a FREE copy of MYTHIC D6 at Gen Con 2018?

Sunday Phrase of the Day:

I can’t believe how many quarters you can fit in your navel!

If you don’t catch me anytime that day, you can always buy the book the Indie Press Revolution booth. Just head on over to booth # 2459 and tell the gang there to sell you a cool RPG book, and if they’re out, settle for a MYTHIC D6!


  • When I’m in a game (running or playing) or a panel, I’m can’t be approached
  • When I’m in the bathroom
  • When I’m having my daily eyebrow or Brazilian wax (its just awkward)
  • Don’t be rude or pushy to me or other humans in the area. I’m having fun, and I want everyone around me to have fun as well. Let’s be good humans.
  • When the books are gone for the day, they’re gone- sorry.

Each day I will post a new phrase, and each day I will give away 3 books.

For an idea of where I will be, take a look at my itinerary (note, some entries are a little dubious)