MYTHIC D6 Kickstarter, coming soon


MYTHIC D6 is a dice-based tabletop RPG created to play heroic action adventure in your genre of choice. The spiritual successor of the D6 Legends games system produced by West End Games. The system and the game worlds it supports opens new options and opportunities for gaming across a wide spectrum of genres. Incorporating 20 years of gaming innovation into a tried and true system gives gamers ultimate flexibility when looking for a transparent and intuitive game system.



The MYTHIC D6, a 250-page softcover book that includes: 

  • A complete rule set for use with any super heroic action genre.
  • Flexible character creation.
  • Rules for super human powers.
  • Gadgetry rules.
  • A complete sample game world called Project Mythic!



 A fully Realized Setting! 
Superheroes vs Monsters! This is the world of Mythic, a world where superhuman heroes battle the forces of a shadowy dimensional incursion while dealing with infighting and betrayals that threaten to tear their lives apart. Until recently Earth’s history was pretty much as we know it today. With one exception…

With the barrier between our dimension and the Otherlands weakened, things leaked from the dark dimension into Earth’s reality; not only monsters and cryptids but also spirits and dark emotional energy.

Into the mix comes the Institute, a shadowy organization with its origins in project Warhorse, the government program that succeeded in creating metahumans during World War 2. The Institute has set itself up to fight the invasion, bringing to bear superhumans it created for just this purpose.


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