Final cover for Bastion: an Afrocentric Sword and Sorcery RPG

A Sneak Peek at The Cover

The cover for BASTION is locked in and done. Afrocentric sword and sorcery exist and Bastion is dripping with it.

Still, a few odds and ends to be added inside and the book is done.



What is Bastion?

BASTION is a fantasy game set in the last city at the edge of the world. Bastion, a post-apocalyptic setting where the heroes explore the wasteland to find survivors of the final great global holocaust. At its core, Bastion is about the sacrifice the heroes will make to defend the remnants of life left in a world corrupted by a wasting plague harrowing the land.



ATLANTIS: Pirate Queens of Sheba

ATLANTIS_SHEBA_CoverATLANTIS: Pirate Queens of Sheba

By : Elizabeth Chaipraditkul & Jerry “Gut Butter” Grayson

A full-length adventure set in the antediluvian world of ATLANTIS!

Entangled in a web of intrigue spanning the Sheban criminal underworld and the gleaming halls of the Queen’s royal palace. The heroes fight, sail, and plunder across the scintillating island kingdom of Sheba in their attempt at stopping the rapacious pirate queen Zenobia


Pirate Queens of Sheba includes:

  • A full-length adventure that spans the lands of Sheba
  • Complete non-player character write-ups
  • Chaotic Combat scenarios
  • And much, much more.

Requires the ATLANTIS: The Second Age core book

PDF on sale November 5th through Drivethrurpg and RPGnow

05 - Raining heads

A look at Oblivion

Terra Oblivion

A game world built for use with the MYTHIC D6 system.

Terra Oblivion is a roleplaying game based on the artwork of Steven Sanders. Steven is an excellent artist with awe-inspiring artwork. With access to this artwork we just had to create a game world to do it justice. If you don’t know Stevens artwork, please check it out on his site.

What is Terra Oblivion?

A sci-fi fantasy game world where the only hope for salvation is humanity’s intrinsic link with flora and fauna of a once-verdant world.




Project: Mythic

Project: Mythic a MYTHIC D6 sample setting

MYTHIC D6 has a baked in sample background to show off the game system. The basics are done, and we are running through it doing a second pass to punch it a bit.

What can you expect from Project: Mythic?

  • Kiaju
  • Weird Cyrtids
  • Maniacal cultist, supervillains, and others tainted by the “The Otherworld”.
  • Some more Kiaju
  • And a Chupacabra



Draganna_phasingWhat do Heroes do in Project: Mythic?

The super humans of project mythic secretly police the world behind the scenes looking for areas of “Shallowing,” areas where the membrane between our dimensions and the Otherworld is the thinnest. The entities that do manage to break through cause physical, but psychic harm to the area around them. The entities are not alone and are allied with mundane cultist in our world that foster and environment that makes the coming of these beings easier.

Luckily for humanity, the Institute is there to stop them. Bolstered by men and women with superhuman abilities, the Institute fights a secret war against the horrors that want to bring Hell to Earth.