GODSEND Agenda Playtest

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The rough unedited playtest document is available for you to consume, play, and comment on. GODSEND Agenda 3rd edition is in Beta, and we hope, with your help, we can make this the best version yet.

Download a copy through DrivethruRPG and have a look. Once you’ve consumed the game, please comment and make suggestions at the link below.
GODSEND Agenda Beta Comment Form


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GODSEND Agenda Sneak Peek- The Angelos!

GODSEND Agenda -The Angelos Zuriel


Angelos_Promo_v1-01More sneak peeks of what the game will look like when finished. The PDF presented is still a very early Beta version sample of the Angelos and a sample character. Later this month, I hope to have the full beta version up for interested people to see.

Let’s look at what a GODSEND Agenda character is made of.

(Click on the image to the left to see the PDF)


1-Species: There are six different species in GODSEND Agenda.

  • Angelos
  • Atlanteans
  • Black October
  • Chimerans
  • Elohim
  • U.S.E.R. Agent (Human)

2-Archetype: Each character has an archetype, and each type has a different outlook on life and how they live as a superhuman. Zuriel is a Warrior archetype and settles conflicts with his fighting ability. Being a Warrior Archetype also gives Zuriel a “signature Attack.” The attack is player-defined and can be used times per round equal to his Ability Level

3-Divinity: This is a lot like Archetype and helps steer the player into a concept. The Divinity gives the player a price break on certain abilities and powers. So, a Super Soldier gets a point break on skill specializations and a few attributes.

4-Attributes: All attributes start at +0 and go up from there. A +0 is the average human and what everything else is based on. A +1 in an attribute, makes you twice as good as someone with a +0, and a +2 makes you four times as good.

The attributes are

  • Dexterity (DEX)
  • Constitution (CON)
  • Strength (STR)
  • Speed (SPD)
  • Combat Rating (CR)
  • Charisma (CHA)
  • Intelligence (INT)
  • Perception (PER)
  • Willpower (WIL)
  • Metaphysics Rating (MR)

5- Ability Level: this determines how powerful your hero is in the GODSEND Agenda. It starts at zero and works its way up to ten. The default start is Ability Level 3; a baseline human is Ability Level zero.

6- Hero Points: a meta currency in-game that allows the player to augment rolls, negate or add damage, or fiddle with the setting. Players start the game with twice their Ability Level plus their MR attribute.

7- Wealth Rating: this determines how much resources the hero has. The higher the attribute, the more wealth a hero has at their disposal.

8- Hit Points: How much physical damage a hero can take. The average human can take 5 points of damage; a starting hero can take 10+ CON attribute.

9- Mind Points: How much psychic damage a hero can take. The average human can take 5 points of damage; a starting hero can take 10+ WIL attribute.

10- Renown: How famous or infamous your hero is. The more Renown they possess, the more they can affect the world around them.

11- Skills: Skills start at +1 for a novice and go up from there, no upper limit. Skills plus Attributes are added to 2D10 and rolled versus a GM assigned difficulty. Specializations as a Margin of Success (MoS) to the roll.

12- Disadvantages: Every hero has them, and the player defines what they are. Each hero has one of the following:

  • Relationship- someone that the player is vexed by. They could be in love with this person, hate this person, or are involved with a person that could compromise them in situations.
  • Internal- This is something going on inside the hero. A personality quirk that hinders the hero.
  • External- Something everyone on the outside, sees and reacts to.

Each Disadvantage is rated from 1 to 3. The player has 5 points to distribute among them, and activating them gives the hero more Hero Points to use.

13-Gadgets: This is Zuriel’s equipment. Some heroes have powers, and some have equipment, while others have a combination of both. Zuriel is all about his equipment. The equipment is built using the powers and gadget system in GODSEND Agenda.

14- Result Chart: A small bit of help at the bottom of the sheet to help determine the result of the dice rolls. The higher you roll, the more Margins of Success you receive.

A basic success is a roll of 11 or higher. Partial Success is when the result is 6-10, and failure is 1-5.

Thanks for the interest, more to come later!

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Choose Your Pantheon


A Game of Postmodern Mythology

“We only use the term superheroes for P.R. purposes.
Truth is, we’re the biggest bastards you’ll ever meet.”

— Jack Hawksmoor, The Authority


A superheroic roleplaying game about changing the world, whether it wants it or not.

MYTHIC D6 Sample Character Creation

Sample Character Creation

Gabriel decided that he would like to create a Hero that is somewhat of a cad, but at his heart good-natured and fun.


Bravo (not his real name, but the name he uses in this era) is an immortal adventurer seeking to do right and atone for past wrongs.

Bravo is a carefree brawler that sometimes allows his impulses and poor decision making to get the better of him.


Step One

The players and the Game Master decide that all the Heroes in the adventure will be created at Power level 3 giving everyone 125 Creation Points to spend.

Step Two

Choosing an archetype

Gabriel decides that Bravo will have the archetype of Bravo (big surprise), and makes a note of the benefits and pitfalls of the Archetype.

Step three

Purchase Attribute.

Gabriel decides that Bravo will be faster and stronger than the average human. At his core, Gabriel wants Bravo to be a brawler that gets things done with action and the use of his hands.

Coordination: Bravo is a little above average here, so Gabriel gives him 3D (12 pts).

Knowledge: Bravo is about average intelligence, so Gabriel allots 2D here (8pts).

Perception: Bravo is a quick thinker and very perceptive, so 3D is placed here (12 pts).

Physique: Bravo is superhumanly strong and represents his one central power. 7D is set here (28 pts).

Presence: Bravo is charming and is very likable. He is also someone who can motivate others to follow him. Gabriel decides that he’s great but not that great and give him 2D (8 pts), and makes the decision that skill will compensate for the average attribute.

Reflexes: Bravo is agile and very adroit physically, 4D goes here (16 pts).

Finally, Gabriel buys 3 Pips to allocate to his attributes for a cost of 4 Points and adds +1 to Coordination and +2 to Reflexes.

On attributes, Bravo has spent 88 Points leaving him 37 points for skills.

Step Four

Purchase Skills

Gabriel decides to allocate points to skills using 29 points.

Step Five

Purchase Advantages

Gabriel wants Bravo to be good at everything but realizes that this isn’t going to happen with only 8 points left.

Gabriel decides that Bravo is a great wrestler with godlike physical strength and created the Advantage “Wrestler of Bulls.” The Advantage allows him to be incredibly strong when performing wrestling moves and can use the Advantage twice per game.

Step Six

Determine Disadvantages

Disadvantages for Bravo define who and what he is about. Gabriel decides that the following Disadvantages are appropriate for Bravo.

Relationship: Hesperos, the butcher. The butcher is a pirate ringleader who sold Bravo into slavery years ago.

Personality: Hot-blooded. Bravo is quick to anger when challenged or crossed

External: Indebted. Bravo owes a debt to Hastur for saving his life. Sometimes Hastur uses the debt to bend Bravo to his will making him do things he would normally not do

Step Seven

Determine Other Details

Stress Points

Gabriel rolls Bravo’s PHY dice and gets 1, 2,2,4,4,5, and a 5 on the Wild Die. Bravo has 48 Stress Points

BDV of 2 because he has the fighting skill

PL of 7 because of his high PHY attribute

Hero Points of 4

PDV of 2

Gabriel couldn’t afford any powers beyond Super Attribute Physique for Bravo and decided that with Experience Points he will be able to better realize the vision of his Hero in the future.

Step Eight

Go Play!


Bravo is ready for play!