GODSEND Agenda: Pantheons

The core book is in transit to its next home in the states, but I have something new to share; GODSEND Agenda: Pantheons artwork! Pantheons is the companion book to the core and is loaded with Pantheons, expanded information about the factions populating the universe.

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What would you do with the power of a God?


I’ve created a monster!

Hey readers!
I just finished the “beta” layout of the GODSEND Agenda. The book is exactly 500 pages. This book is officially the biggest thing I have ever produced, and I can say without a doubt that it will be a complete game.
Why is the game so big? Two reasons:

  • The font size. Instead of a smaller font that would save my page count, I went with a legible font size.
  • Each chapter is comprehensive. I didn’t hold anything back for a future supplement. Everything you need or will ever need for a game of GODSEND Agenda is found between the covers. Think of any GODSEND Agenda supplement as gravy and not something you need.

The PDF is going out to the Kickstarter backers to enjoy. Once I have the layout 100% nailed down and have a few odds and ends in hand, the book will be done.

I look forward to sharing this with the world.

Below are sample pages torn from the book

No peeking, not until it’s done

Hello Everyone

I am just checking in to update you on where we are with GODSEND Agenda.

All the artwork is complete and in, and the final pass of edits is in the works before the layouts begin.

The book could have been an update to the previous edition. Fortunately, a cut and paste with updated artwork is not what I wanted to present to you. As it stands now, the game is a creature living in a unique space in the super heroic action-adventure genre. It’s extensive, far-reaching, and full of unique twists and turns. I hope next time I update, I have layout pages to show.


Let me tell you what that guy Jerry is up to…

Hello Humans!

 Here is an GODSEND Agenda production update to keep everyone in the loop.

Not much to share except we are on track, and everything is looking good. My only fear so far are the supply chain shortages everyone is experiencing. But more about that when we get to that phase of the project. I’m focusing on getting the book done and ready to go.

Below is a timeline of where we are


  • Cultural Consulting: The book is in the hands of our capable consultant
  • Phase Two Edits: Once the manuscripts are back and sorted, they go back into editing for another pass.
  • Layouts: Once the book is edited and done with the second pass of edits, the book goes into layouts
  • Peer review: When the book is ready, I hand it over to all of you for one final pass looking for gaffs, errors, and blatant mistakes.


Almost all the artwork is complete, but I know that I may need a few pieces here and there once the layout starts.

  • Introduction: Artwork 100% done
  • Chapter One Character Creation: Art is 100% done
  • Chapter Three Powers: Artwork 90% done
  • Chapter Four Equipment, Gadgets, and Artifacts: Artwork 90% done
  • Chapter Five System: Artwork 75% done
  • Chapter Six Game Mastery: Artwork 50% done
  • Chapter Seven Agendas: Artwork not started
  • Chapter Eight Adversaries: Artwork 30% done

Overall, the book is on track, and it looks fantastic. I’m please with how the book is turning out. It reads like no other superheroic roleplaying game. The look and feel of this game exceed any expectation of what I envisioned, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Below are a few pieces from the book

THANK YOU! GODSEND Agenda Kickstarter is a success!

Hello Humans!

First off; YOU DID IT!

I want to thank you all for bringing this book to life in the way I envisioned. Thank you.

You helped fund a Kickstarter and make it a success without all the bells and whistles. Almost $10k over the goal, and I never had to promise dice bags, t-shirts, or logo emblazoned fez hats. It happened because of your confidence, grace, and generosity in the project. Like a great gestalt gamer, you rose with your powers combined and made GODSEND Agenda a reality.

You all deserve a huge hug and kiss for your combined assistance. Again, thank you.

Art by Claudia Cangini

What’s Next?

The book is done, but…

It’s time to get on my grind, get the manuscripts consulted in various ways, commission all the artwork, edit and layout.

International Fulfillment

I’m talking to a company about international fulfillment so those not in ‘Merica won’t have to sell kidneys to get their books (fingers crossed).

Pantheon, Epochs, and beyond

Finish off all the tidbits left to be done with the writing—lots of moving parts that must be reconciled in the game. If I wanted the easy way out, I would give you the finished portions that already exist, but I want to set the bar high for a superheroic game of action-adventure activism: no half steps or cut corners. GODSEND Agenda will be the RPG Full Monty- prepare to have your eyes bleed from copious amounts of cosmic awesome!

Pledge Manager

There will be a pledge manager for everyone to upgrade once things are locked in and ready to go.

Putting on the PJs and going night-night

Take a break and recharge. The behind the scenes of a KS is filled with a deluge of emails requesting or offering things. Some are sincere, most are trash, but all need a reply.

Again, Thank You for the generous help, and I hope I meet your expectation when the final product is finally delivered.

-Jerry D. Grayson

Smile, we have such beautiful things to show you.

Twenty-four hours to go on the GODSEND Agenda Kickstarter. Help change the world for the better and spread the word.

  • A full-color 352-page book
  • Inspired by the works of Jack Kirby and Roger Zelazny
  • A fully realized game world
  • Rules for superheroic activism in a world on fire

The only thing this book is missing is YOU.


Fight For The World You Want

The countdown has begun.

Seven days to go on the GODSEND Agenda Kickstarter. Help change the world for the better and spread the word.

  • A full-color 352-page book
  • Inspired by the works of Jack Kirby and Roger Zelazny
  • A fully realized game world
  • Rules for superheroic activism in a world on fire

The only thing this book is missing is YOU.