GODSEND Agenda: Pantheons

A pantheon is a team of super humans who have banded together for a common goal or Agenda. There are several benefits to forming a group:

  • Teamwork toward a common goal is easier to do when you have like-minded beings working in that direction.
  • There is protection in numbers from one’s enemies.
  • The team has a much larger pool of resources. Teams often intermingle their resources for the greater whole, enabling them to buy weapons, research and scientific equipment, and team gadgets. Characters can pool their Experience Points to buy large ticket items such as expensive bases of operation or a group vehicle or communication devices. To do so, they set aside Experience Points used for group endeavors.
  • A team of Heroes has a much higher profile than an individual, and they are thus able to channel more Ka.

Each Pantheon has unique Boons and Banes. As a group, the Players build their Pantheon and then give it a name.

Pantheons have traits that define them much like characters, and these traits help define the team.