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Project Mythic Episode One

Brand new actual play episode for MYTHIC D6!
We play Twice as Bright from the MYTHIC D6 Adventure Anthology.

Player Characters for the game found Here are for anyone curious to heroes mechanically.

If you like the MYTHIC D6 game, you can own it!

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HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone In ancient times, the spacefaring Hellenes and their Gods defeated an empire that threatened the entire galaxy.

Now, after centuries of darkness, their enemies have returned for a final reckoning, and only a chosen few — wielding the power of the Gods — stand between them and certain destruction.

HELLAS is an exciting fusion of high drama, action-adventure, romance, mythology-infused space opera and science fiction that features:

  • The characters can be found at the here
  • To learn more about the game click here
  • The Quickstart for HELLAS can be found here


HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone Episode One

HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone Episode Two

HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone Episode Three