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If you had the power of a god, what would you do?
Would you fight for a better world or your own gain? 
Build your Hero from a slate of mythic peoples, choose your Agenda, form your Pantheon, and change the world. 
GODSEND Agenda is an epic-scale superheroic RPG with heavy mythical and comic inspirations, brought to life.
The GODSEND Agenda core book is estimated to be 500 pages in length, a full-color book that includes character creation, advice on creating your agendas, the game system, gadget and adversary rules, and a comprehensive background detailing the world of the GODSEND Agenda milieu.

Our world, but not. GODSEND Agenda is an alternate Earth shaped and impacted by godlike aliens. Some have worked to better humanity, others seek to subjugate it, and their actions have created ripples that travel through time and the multiverse.

The game is built to be played in any period, including the Greek Age of Heroes, the Renaissance, or the Lost History of the Phantom Time.
There are many influences that helped shape GODSEND Agenda, but none stronger than the following.
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World saga from DC comics, and his Marvel Comics creation, the Eternals. 
Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny
Daniel Keys Moran’s the Long Run and the Last Dancer
The primary theme of GODSEND Agenda is the use of godlike power to change the world in a positive way. Unlike other superheroic games, heroes in GODSEND Agenda use their abilities not to defend a corrupt or broken status quo, but to change it as they see fit.
 GODSEND Agenda examines the influence superheroes could have on history and human development, and how humanity might react to their presence. The game asks what you would do with world-shaking powers, and what your legacy would be. It focuses on family and relationships, too, as you build your Pantheon and alliances. 

 Choose your faction:
Atenoi: powerful aliens who positioned themselves as gods on Earth thousands of years ago. Burdened with the grief and change of millennia, they struggle to adapt to a changing world that is not their own.
Atlanteans: an ancient race of post-human oracles who foresaw a desolate future dominated by an incomprehensible alien race and now fight to protect and build humanity.
Black October: genetically augmented transhumans with incredible powers and short lifespans. They may be rejected by humanity, but they will give everything they have to protect their fellow humans.
Chimerans: a shapeshifting, star-spanning alien blight that slowly and insidiously conquers planet after planet. Stranded on Earth, their advance scouts watch the stars as they prepare for the coming war.
Onuri: cloned alien soldiers marooned on Earth as they fight and kingdom-build for a God-King lost in space and time.
U.S.E.R.: The secret United States Exobiologic Research organization fighting a shadow war against alien invaders. Their methods may be questionable, but in a battle against godlike foes, they’ll do whatever is necessary.

Choose your life path:
Each faction has dozens of pregenerated origin stories and histories. Roll a die to choose your history, or create your own. Will you be the last living guard of an ancient queen, or a street orphan who discovered a compelling metaphysical heritage? Your history and its impact on the world are an essential piece of your Hero.

Select your Powers: 
Choose from familiar powers like flight and super strength, or ancestry-specific powers like time-manipulation and shapeshifting.

Set your Agenda:
Each Hero has an Agenda, a set of principles to guide their course and influence their choices. Will yours inspire those around you, right a great wrong, or change the course of the world?

Build your Pantheon:
Build a pantheon with your fellow player’s characters and decide on your goals together. How you work with the heroes around you is a central component of the game. Family, team, ace in the hole, your Pantheon can do far more together than you can do separately.

Tell your story:
Like Gilgamesh, Beowulf, Hunahpu, and Xbalanque, your voice shakes the foundations of the Earth. GODSEND Agenda is the place for sagas and epics to rival those of the titans who stalk the halls of myth. 

Change the world:
What will you change? Who will you be? The choice is yours.