The third major supplement to the original HELLAS Core Rules! With this expansion to the HELLAS Core Rules, you will at last be able to experience the largest and most famous retail catalog in the Known Worlds.
The Biggest Equipment Catalog in the Universe!
The Empori Piraeus has been shipping equipment to intrepid heroes for over 150 years. From all corners of the Known Worlds, the Empori provides you with the mundane to exotic, always of the highest quality.
This book contains:

  • Over 150 pieces of equipment to be used in any HELLAS game.
  • Food recipes for the discerning Hellene palette.
  • New armor types and rules.
  • New weapon types.
  • Symposium rules. Now you can throw your own dinner party!
  • The Adventures of the Brazen Bull! A full-length graphic novel.
  • The history of the Delphoi Legion.
  • New sinister Atlantean equipment.