In the “Zone

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GODSEND_CoverI’ve been busy working on an assortment of things. MYTHIC D6 and ATLANTIS: The Second Age are consuming a lot of my time and energy but lately I started work again on my all-time favorite game (that I created), GODSEND Agenda. It was the first game I ever published and I’m moving back around to tinkering on it again. I’ve been working on and off on this version for a while and I started cranking stuff out that a madman this week.

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you get into the zone. At this rate, I may have a character to show as proof of concept in a few weeks. What’s great is the work I do here will dovetail nicely into new ATLANTIS and HELLAS content soon.


What I have done so far

  • Powers framework – 70% done
  • Character Creation – 50%
  • System – 25% done. Doing a total overhaul
  • Background- Revamp in the works


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