MYTHIC D6, we just shot the Grinch in the face!

Hello All,

I changed the Tiers to be a bit more generous for the MYTHIC D6 Kickstarter. I suggest you read over the Tiers and adjust your pledge accordingly. This will change the amounted funded up to this point but, I hope that you guys find added value here.


Most bang for your buck is the 1D6+1 and 2D6 Tier

What changed?

I added the following

All the achieved Stretch Goals in PDF plus the following;

Receive PDFs of the following original GODSEND Agenda titles

  • GODSEND Agenda D6
  • GODSEND Agenda: Mythos
  • GODSEND Agenda: U.S.E.R.’s Most Wanted
  • GODSEND Agenda: ExtraordinAgents
  • GODSEND Agenda: GOD-Maker

PLUS, one Khepera Publishing PDF of your choice from the HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone or ATLANTIS: The Second Age line


Why the Change?

Someone I respected pointed out to me that I was being stingy and a real ass. Once I realized how much of a tool I had been I decided to set out and make things right. (I wish they had said this before the campaign started, but no harm no foul)

It makes a lot of the tiers obsolete and a few levels more robust. This is actually, a cool thing. If I succeed, we all succeed. If I win, you win.

I sincerely apologize for the confusion and any trouble this may have cause.




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