The Comic Book PoC Project!

Hey Gang!

I’m a huge comic book fan and I’ve been collecting comics for quite some time (the late 70s). At this point, I collect to read and for fun, but I wanted to amp it up to “Hard Mode.”


Two years ago, I started my 1972 Project to collect comics I would have bought in 1972, the year I was born. I collected comics that a 13-year-old version of myself would have purchased in the year 1972. There were a lot of comics there.

Now I’ve embarked on another project, this one is the People of Color Project.

My goal is to collect what I consider landmark comics for people of color. Not just any comics, but ones I believe culturally influential books. Characters that were first, or had some significant impact on comics and the PoC community.

Below is a visual list of comics I own (in gray) and comics I need/want (in red).

The Rules for the Project:

  • If I can, I must buy it at a comic shop, or convention.
  • It doesn’t have to be a Mint grade book.
  • No reprints.
  • must be the first appearance of a hero of color.
  • has to be a physical copy (no digital books).
  • I have until 2021 to finish.

I also need the help of other comic fans with suggestions for characters I’ve forgotten.


Caveat– A lot of PoC started to proliferate in the late 80s and beyond. Although important, they aren’t very significant. There are a few outliers such as Steel, but for the most part, please no suggestions for Chapel, or Riri Williams.


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