Just in case you were wondering what heroes in Terra Oblivion kickstarter looked like, I’ve provided them below.

Sample Heroes




What is Terra Oblivion?

A pre-apocalyptic game of eco-espionage, set on a world slowly being killed by humanity’s need to consume.

In the distant future, humanity leaves a dying Earth behind to find a better home. When the pristine world of Terra is found, it soon becomes evident that humanity has learned nothing from their past. The colonists soon discover things are different here: the world is alive and taking resources requires something to be given in return. This time, humanity is literally killing the planet.

Recognizing the world is dying, heroes from all walks of life band together to safeguard the world from humanity’s voracious appetite for consumption.

  • A 96-page, full color, hardback source book for the MYTHIC D6 System
  • Rules for the use of psychic Gnostic Prana Abilities
  • Details of the people of Terra Oblivion
  • Details for new equipment
  • New fantastic adversaries
  • One full-length adventure
    Review a sample of the book HERE.


Please explore and spread the word.


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