Cowboy Dracula is go!

Good news Khepera Publishing friends!

There is a project I’ve been working on for a while, and it’s coming to fruition. Cowboy Dracula is the new youtube channel, and we are ramping up with comic talk, RPG actual plays, and generally highly opinionated discussion about all sorts of genre fiction and media.

Take a look, like, and subscribe!

Gen Con 2018, or “How Jerry spent his 8th grade summer”

I spent a week in Indianapolis doing the Gen Con thing. IPR (A.K.A. Indie Press Revolution) sold MYTHIC D6 and allowed me the luxury of walking the halls, play games, and give away MYTHIC D6 books to anyone that found me. I had a great time and saw a lot of excellent and creative games.


Below is a picture of my haul from Gen Con this year, but the best thing I took away from it all was the experience and memories of meeting so many beautiful people. It’s stunning to meet so many diverse people that share the same enthusiasm and love for the hobby.

My tribe. Even with all our weird hang up, geekeries, and oddness I love you all. We are a beautiful thing, and when we congregate and make that gestalt uber-nerd, it’s even better.


I am Gamer, and we are many


I hope to see more of you next year!