ATLANTIS: Adventure Anthology

ATLANTIS: Adventure Anthology

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Price: $19.99
Pages 56
ISBN 978-0-9992998-0-7
Publisher Stock # KHP033
Black and White Softcover

Four pulse-pounding adventures set in the time of savage swords and sorcery! A unique anthology that brings to life vivid tales of brutality, treachery, and brutal mayhem by several elite writers in the roleplaying industry.


A Child’s Cry

By Eloy Lasanta

Lost Valley of the Naga

By Simon Washbourne

Hidden Enemy

By Robert J. Schwalb

The Lamenting Heart

By Puddles J.D. Grayson


Four epic adventures. Four writers of fantasy high adventures. One book to contain them all

ATLANTIS Adventure Anthology includes:

  • Four full-length adventures for use with ATLANTIS: The Second Age roleplaying game
  • Complete non-player character write-ups
  • Chaotic Combat scenarios
  • And much, much more.

Requires the ATLANTIS: The Second Age core book


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