Geek Girls Rule! #432 – This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

In case some are unaware, I’m involved with New Agenda Publishing. It’s a new publishing endeavor I’m excited about, and I hope once you learn more, you’ll be thrilled too.
I read this on the GEEK GIRLS RULE!!! Website today and it made me giggle but also offered some insight into what I’m about and more importantly, what NAP is about (yes, the acronym is intended)

“NEW AGENDA PUBLISHING is a consortium dedicated to promoting diversity in the RPG community through our hiring and choices. We want to amplify underrepresented voices and help them tell new stories from their perspective. We want to bring more people of color and especially women of color to the table, and we think the best way to do that is by hiring them to help us create the games and worlds they want to play in.”

Geek Girls Rule!!!

Ok, so for DECADES the clarion call of the cis het white dude nerd has been, “If you don’t like it, why don’t you make your own?!”  (Imagine me saying that in the whiniest, most nasally voice I can manage.  I still have a cold, I can get really nasally right now.)

So, a group of POC nerds did exactly that and founded New Agenda Publishing.

New Agenda is made up of Misha Bushyager, Jerry Grayson, and Eloy Lasanta.  All three of them have some serious game design cred, and I for one am super excited about their upcoming projects, whatever those might be.  If you want to check out their cred, follow the links, guys, I’m only doing so much homework for you tonight.  I’m still kinda sick.

Less than a month in, the whiny posts have already started on, reddit and Enworld.  I…

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