Find Jerry, get a FREE MYTHIC D6 Book!

Come at me bro!


Want to snag a FREE copy of MYTHIC D6 at Gen Con 2018?

If you see me in the halls or out and about in Indianapolis this year say the secret phrase that pays, and I will give you a free copy of MYTHIC D6!

Each Day Ill give away three copies of the book. First come, first serve, and all you must do is work the “Phrase of the Day” into the conversation while were talking. Its that easy.


Wednesday phrase of the Day: Those pants look soggy
SO, on Wednesday before or after my Panel “We need Diverse Books…and Games” you would approach me and say “Jerry, thanks for being on the panel. Have you lost weight, those pants look soggy?”

BOOM! I give you a book. Or if I’m at the Steak and Shake having a delicious meal (This will never happen; Steak and Shake is gross) you could approach me there.

For an idea of where I will be, take a look at my itinerary (note, some entries are a little dubious)


  • When I’m in a game (running or playing) or a panel, I’m can’t be approached
  • When I’m in the bathroom
  • When I’m having my daily eyebrow or Brazilian wax (its just awkward)
  • Don’t be rude or pushy to me or other humans in the area. I’m having fun, and I want everyone around me to have fun as well. Let’s be good humans.
  • When the books are gone for the day, they’re gone- sorry.

Each day I will post a new phrase, and each day I will give away 3 books.


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