Gen Con Thursday Free book Phrase

Want to snag a FREE copy of MYTHIC D6 at Gen Con 2018?

Thursday phrase of the Day:

Those elbows are super ashy

If you don’t catch me anytime that day, you can always buy the book the Indie Press Revolution booth. Just head on over to booth # 2459 and tell the gang there to sell you a cool RPG book, and if they’re out, settle for a MYTHIC D6!


  • When I’m in a game (running or playing) or a panel, I’m can’t be approached
  • When I’m in the bathroom
  • When I’m having my daily eyebrow or Brazilian wax (its just awkward)
  • Don’t be rude or pushy to me or other humans in the area. I’m having fun, and I want everyone around me to have fun as well. Let’s be good humans.
  • When the books are gone for the day, they’re gone- sorry.

Each day I will post a new phrase, and each day I will give away 3 books.

For an idea of where I will be, take a look at my itinerary (note, some entries are a little dubious)

Update of my Wednesday Gen Con Escapades!


Someone noticed my soggy pants and go a book yesterday evening. I was spotted inside the Loughmillers Pub and Eatery scraping leftover food off plates into my duffel bag (Pro Tip: Find the busboy station for the best grub)

This could be you in the picture if you find me and say the phrase.

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