Gen Con Sunday Free book Phrase

Want to snag a FREE copy of MYTHIC D6 at Gen Con 2018?

Sunday Phrase of the Day:

I can’t believe how many quarters you can fit in your navel!

If you don’t catch me anytime that day, you can always buy the book the Indie Press Revolution booth. Just head on over to booth # 2459 and tell the gang there to sell you a cool RPG book, and if they’re out, settle for a MYTHIC D6!


  • When I’m in a game (running or playing) or a panel, I’m can’t be approached
  • When I’m in the bathroom
  • When I’m having my daily eyebrow or Brazilian wax (its just awkward)
  • Don’t be rude or pushy to me or other humans in the area. I’m having fun, and I want everyone around me to have fun as well. Let’s be good humans.
  • When the books are gone for the day, they’re gone- sorry.

Each day I will post a new phrase, and each day I will give away 3 books.

For an idea of where I will be, take a look at my itinerary (note, some entries are a little dubious)

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