The first Stretch goal is less than $3k away

So, we know that game will be produced, that’s now a fact. We know that everyone is excited about the game. Do we know if the game will be glossy and full color? I guess that’s up to everyone involved.

Please share your excitement and tell a friend about a D6 system Kickstarter that’s genuinely Mythic.


MYTHIC D6, we just shot the Grinch in the face!

Hello All,

I changed the Tiers to be a bit more generous for the MYTHIC D6 Kickstarter. I suggest you read over the Tiers and adjust your pledge accordingly. This will change the amounted funded up to this point but, I hope that you guys find added value here.


Most bang for your buck is the 1D6+1 and 2D6 Tier

What changed?

I added the following

All the achieved Stretch Goals in PDF plus the following;

Receive PDFs of the following original GODSEND Agenda titles

  • GODSEND Agenda D6
  • GODSEND Agenda: Mythos
  • GODSEND Agenda: U.S.E.R.’s Most Wanted
  • GODSEND Agenda: ExtraordinAgents
  • GODSEND Agenda: GOD-Maker

PLUS, one Khepera Publishing PDF of your choice from the HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone or ATLANTIS: The Second Age line


Why the Change?

Someone I respected pointed out to me that I was being stingy and a real ass. Once I realized how much of a tool I had been I decided to set out and make things right. (I wish they had said this before the campaign started, but no harm no foul)

It makes a lot of the tiers obsolete and a few levels more robust. This is actually, a cool thing. If I succeed, we all succeed. If I win, you win.

I sincerely apologize for the confusion and any trouble this may have cause.




Sneak Peak at the MYTHIC D6 Kickstart

Click on the picture below to look at the Kickstarter for MYTHIC D6.

And if you feel inclined, please share the link and talk the project up on all your favorite social media platforms. The more aware people are of the Kickstarter, the easier it is for my soul, and the less work I have to do 😉



Project: Mythic

Project: Mythic a MYTHIC D6 sample setting

MYTHIC D6 has a baked in sample background to show off the game system. The basics are done, and we are running through it doing a second pass to punch it a bit.

What can you expect from Project: Mythic?

  • Kiaju
  • Weird Cyrtids
  • Maniacal cultist, supervillains, and others tainted by the “The Otherworld”.
  • Some more Kiaju
  • And a Chupacabra



Draganna_phasingWhat do Heroes do in Project: Mythic?

The super humans of project mythic secretly police the world behind the scenes looking for areas of “Shallowing,” areas where the membrane between our dimensions and the Otherworld is the thinnest. The entities that do manage to break through cause physical, but psychic harm to the area around them. The entities are not alone and are allied with mundane cultist in our world that foster and environment that makes the coming of these beings easier.

Luckily for humanity, the Institute is there to stop them. Bolstered by men and women with superhuman abilities, the Institute fights a secret war against the horrors that want to bring Hell to Earth.



MYTHIC D6 Kickstarter, coming soon


MYTHIC D6 is a dice-based tabletop RPG created to play heroic action adventure in your genre of choice. The spiritual successor of the D6 Legends games system produced by West End Games. The system and the game worlds it supports opens new options and opportunities for gaming across a wide spectrum of genres. Incorporating 20 years of gaming innovation into a tried and true system gives gamers ultimate flexibility when looking for a transparent and intuitive game system.



The MYTHIC D6, a 250-page softcover book that includes: 

  • A complete rule set for use with any super heroic action genre.
  • Flexible character creation.
  • Rules for super human powers.
  • Gadgetry rules.
  • A complete sample game world called Project Mythic!



 A fully Realized Setting! 
Superheroes vs Monsters! This is the world of Mythic, a world where superhuman heroes battle the forces of a shadowy dimensional incursion while dealing with infighting and betrayals that threaten to tear their lives apart. Until recently Earth’s history was pretty much as we know it today. With one exception…

With the barrier between our dimension and the Otherlands weakened, things leaked from the dark dimension into Earth’s reality; not only monsters and cryptids but also spirits and dark emotional energy.

Into the mix comes the Institute, a shadowy organization with its origins in project Warhorse, the government program that succeeded in creating metahumans during World War 2. The Institute has set itself up to fight the invasion, bringing to bear superhumans it created for just this purpose.


Learn More about MYTHIC D6>>

Talislanta MYTHIC D6 conversion

More Fun with MYTHIC D6

Today I decided to build a character type from one of my top three favorite of all time games, Talislanta!

Below is Val’Larr, a female thrall fighter. She’s built at PL 2 and is pretty beefy. Translating her to MYTHIC D6 was actually fairly easy and didn’t pose any real hurdles. Maybe next time I’ll attempt a Cymorilain wizard.


A link to the PDF can be found HERE



MYTHIC D6 Sample Character Creation

Sample Character Creation

Gabriel decided that he would like to create a Hero that is somewhat of a cad, but at his heart good-natured and fun.


Bravo (not his real name, but the name he uses in this era) is an immortal adventurer seeking to do right and atone for past wrongs.

Bravo is a carefree brawler that sometimes allows his impulses and poor decision making to get the better of him.


Step One

The players and the Game Master decide that all the Heroes in the adventure will be created at Power level 3 giving everyone 125 Creation Points to spend.

Step Two

Choosing an archetype

Gabriel decides that Bravo will have the archetype of Bravo (big surprise), and makes a note of the benefits and pitfalls of the Archetype.

Step three

Purchase Attribute.

Gabriel decides that Bravo will be faster and stronger than the average human. At his core, Gabriel wants Bravo to be a brawler that gets things done with action and the use of his hands.

Coordination: Bravo is a little above average here, so Gabriel gives him 3D (12 pts).

Knowledge: Bravo is about average intelligence, so Gabriel allots 2D here (8pts).

Perception: Bravo is a quick thinker and very perceptive, so 3D is placed here (12 pts).

Physique: Bravo is superhumanly strong and represents his one central power. 7D is set here (28 pts).

Presence: Bravo is charming and is very likable. He is also someone who can motivate others to follow him. Gabriel decides that he’s great but not that great and give him 2D (8 pts), and makes the decision that skill will compensate for the average attribute.

Reflexes: Bravo is agile and very adroit physically, 4D goes here (16 pts).

Finally, Gabriel buys 3 Pips to allocate to his attributes for a cost of 4 Points and adds +1 to Coordination and +2 to Reflexes.

On attributes, Bravo has spent 88 Points leaving him 37 points for skills.

Step Four

Purchase Skills

Gabriel decides to allocate points to skills using 29 points.

Step Five

Purchase Advantages

Gabriel wants Bravo to be good at everything but realizes that this isn’t going to happen with only 8 points left.

Gabriel decides that Bravo is a great wrestler with godlike physical strength and created the Advantage “Wrestler of Bulls.” The Advantage allows him to be incredibly strong when performing wrestling moves and can use the Advantage twice per game.

Step Six

Determine Disadvantages

Disadvantages for Bravo define who and what he is about. Gabriel decides that the following Disadvantages are appropriate for Bravo.

Relationship: Hesperos, the butcher. The butcher is a pirate ringleader who sold Bravo into slavery years ago.

Personality: Hot-blooded. Bravo is quick to anger when challenged or crossed

External: Indebted. Bravo owes a debt to Hastur for saving his life. Sometimes Hastur uses the debt to bend Bravo to his will making him do things he would normally not do

Step Seven

Determine Other Details

Stress Points

Gabriel rolls Bravo’s PHY dice and gets 1, 2,2,4,4,5, and a 5 on the Wild Die. Bravo has 48 Stress Points

BDV of 2 because he has the fighting skill

PL of 7 because of his high PHY attribute

Hero Points of 4

PDV of 2

Gabriel couldn’t afford any powers beyond Super Attribute Physique for Bravo and decided that with Experience Points he will be able to better realize the vision of his Hero in the future.

Step Eight

Go Play!


Bravo is ready for play!