Find Jerry, get a FREE MYTHIC D6 Book!

Come at me bro!


Want to snag a FREE copy of MYTHIC D6 at Gen Con 2018?

If you see me in the halls or out and about in Indianapolis this year say the secret phrase that pays, and I will give you a free copy of MYTHIC D6!

Each Day Ill give away three copies of the book. First come, first serve, and all you must do is work the “Phrase of the Day” into the conversation while were talking. Its that easy.


Wednesday phrase of the Day: Those pants look soggy
SO, on Wednesday before or after my Panel “We need Diverse Books…and Games” you would approach me and say “Jerry, thanks for being on the panel. Have you lost weight, those pants look soggy?”

BOOM! I give you a book. Or if I’m at the Steak and Shake having a delicious meal (This will never happen; Steak and Shake is gross) you could approach me there.

For an idea of where I will be, take a look at my itinerary (note, some entries are a little dubious)


  • When I’m in a game (running or playing) or a panel, I’m can’t be approached
  • When I’m in the bathroom
  • When I’m having my daily eyebrow or Brazilian wax (its just awkward)
  • Don’t be rude or pushy to me or other humans in the area. I’m having fun, and I want everyone around me to have fun as well. Let’s be good humans.
  • When the books are gone for the day, they’re gone- sorry.

Each day I will post a new phrase, and each day I will give away 3 books.


GEN CON 2018

Hey Gang!

Guess where I’ll be August 2nd through August 5th?
Gen Con, the Best Four Days in Gaming!


Where can I buy MYTHIC D6?

This year I plan to run games and roam the halls. This is the year where I hang out with my tribe, A.K.A. You.

You can buy the new MYTHIC D6 book at Indie Press Revolution, Booth Number 2459


GENCON Itinerary

2:00 PM, JW Marriott: 207- We need Diverse Books…and Games

10:00 AM, public bathroom of convention center, stall #3- crying uncontrollably while eating homemade poptarts
2:00 PM, JW : 106 : 1- Vault of the Withered Tongue (Orun Game)
8:00 PM, Outside the Mall. Inappropriately long hugs to anyone willing to buy me a hotdog on a stick.
11:00 PM, 16th annual Lipstick and Bubble blowing competition. BYOB (I’ve won 3 years in a row with my Wet N Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick)

10:00 AM, JW : 106 : 1- Vault of the Withered Tongue (Orun Game)
2:00 PM, Parking garage behind convention center. Doing prison tattoos. First come, first serve.
6:00 PM, public bathroom of convention center, stall #3- More uncontrollable crying based on who would win in a fight, Mr. Bean or Sophia Petrillo.
6:45 PM, public bathroom of convention center, stall #3- Moment of Toxic Masculinity as I try to “Man Up” for 8pm engagement.
8:00 PM, Basement of Dave’s house. Bareknuckle brawls. Kindergarten – Seniors Weight classes. Weigh in starts at 7pm

10:00 AM, In front of the Steak and Shake. Guess that Funk, Axe Body Spray competition.
1:00 PM, Behind food trucks on Maryland Street. Playtesting new game “Does this Pickle Taste Funny”
5:00 PM, Dress up like Jack Kirby and offer to autograph cosplayer costumes
8:00 PM, JW : 106 : 1- The Burning Hands of Abosam (Orun Game)

10:00 AM, JW : 106 : 1- The Burning Hands of Abosam (Orun Game)
2:00 PM, Weekly physical fitness regime consisting of three pushups and a vigorous smearing of shea butter on upper thighs.
2:15 PM, brisk walk to Target to buy shea butter I forgot to pack
3:30 PM, Winded from brisk walk and forgoing of physical fitness routine (I will do twice as much next week)

Bastion: an Afrocentric Sword and Sorcery RPG Setting for MYTHIC D6


What is Bastion?

BASTION is a fantasy game set in the last city at the edge of the world. Bastion, a post-apocalyptic setting where the heroes explore the wasteland to find survivors of the final great global holocaust. At its core, Bastion is about the sacrifice the heroes will make to defend the remnants of life left in a world corrupted by a wasting plague harrowing the land.


Who do you play in Bastion?

Players take the roles of a Fihankra, a hero imbued with the power of the Adinkra symbol and enlisted to protect the city of Bastion.
There are many different symbols, and each is unique, giving the hero power beyond imagining.

A first look

Kusiwaa, Akan hero of bastion and member of the Fihankra.



MYTHIC D6 status update

MYTHIC D6 update and my new BFF Brian Isikoff

MYTHIC D6 Status Report

Hello Everyone, remember me?

The books are almost to port!

Once they are through customs, they will be ships to the warehouse and distribution points. Once that’s all settled I can start shipping the books out to the backers.

I hope to have the process well on its way and done by the end of August. That’s my hope.

While I’m waiting for the book, I’m also working on other MYTHIC D6 project sand I hope to have all the stretch goals finished.

As an aside

I made the trip to the Bay Area to run a special game of MYTHIC D6 for Brian Isikoff. He was owed a game, and I was excited to run it.

Some may know Brian from his podcast 2D5 in a Random Direction

And as promised, I ran a game of his choice using the MYTHIC D6 system. We settled on a Star Wars KotOR game, and it was a blast. I hope he enjoyed the game because I thoroughly enjoyed running it for him. We played upstairs at Endgame in Oakland (if you’re in the area check the store out).

It’s a great store, and I enjoyed Brian’s company immensely. He’s a great guy and a very clever role-player. When the game was over, I lamented that we didn’t live closer. He’s a great guy and always welcomed at any table I sit at. He’s a good human being with a tremendous amount of character and generosity. I appreciate him as a person, and I look forward to visiting again to hang out and talk some more.


What’s the status of MYTHIC D6?

MYTHIC D6 Status Report

Hello Everyone, remember me?

Jerry D. Grayson, Gold Medal winner of the 1996 Navel Stuffing Championship held in Muncie Indiana?

Skin tag eating bronze medal winner 1997?

Elbow lotion application champion 2003?

Arepa juggler silver medal winner 2010?

No?…fair enough, it was a long time ago. Ahhhh my heyday

Its been a while since I last updated you on MYTHIC D6. I’ve been busy putting the book together and making something presentable that everyone can enjoy. I’ve also been plugging away at Bastion, Terra Oblivion, and a few other projects.

I’m also sluggish, self-involved, and really enjoy watching B-Movies in my spare time…so there’s that.

What is the status of MYTHIC D6, what is going on with all that Kickstarter money? Well, beyond getting a cool tattoo of a manatee on my face, I’ve been buying art, paying editors, and doing the layout.

The book is done and at the printers…don’t believe me, look at what I got in the mail yesterday…

Looking for a few Gencon GMs


Are you a person from an underrepresented group that likes GMing games?

Are you going to Gencon this year?

Would you like to run a game for me using, what my mother calls, “the best game ever created by my son, this week”?


I’m looking for a few good GMs to run Afrocentric games at Gencon.

What I can promise you-

  • A warm welcome.
  • a safe and friendly place to play.
  • A good time.
  • A hearty Thank You!
  • A free game book and PDF!


If you’re available, and you will be  at Gen Con 2018, Contact Me

Project: Mythic sneak peek

MYTHIC D6 Status Report


  • Writing & Editing Done- Check!
  • Layout Done- Check!
  • Table of Contents and Index Done- Check!
  • Artwork Done-errr, almost…

There are 20 images that are still in the process, but the book is looking awesome.
Below is a sample page from the book detailing a sampling starting character.


Project: Mythic sneak peek

Project: Mythic!

Project: Mythic is moving along and the MYTHIC D6 book is almost done and ready for consumption.

What is project MYTHIC?

Superheroes vs. Monsters! This is the world of Mythic, a world where superhuman heroes battle the forces of a shadowy dimensional incursion, while dealing with infighting and betrayals that threaten to tear their lives apart. Until recently, Earth’s history was pretty much as we know it today. With one exception…

At the end of World War II, superhumans emerged briefly and fought in several battles before dropping out of sight once again. Some conspiracy theorists claim that it was a hoax intended to intimidate the enemy, while others claim that a shadowy cabal of superhumans now rule the world from an orbital satellite. Whatever the truth, nobody saw a superhuman for the next 60 years and most people believed them to be a myth, or just some secret service agents in capes.



MYTHIC D6 Progress Report

Almost Done!

MYTHIC D6 is in the final phase of the layout, and the artwork is coming along. Now that the holidays are over we can go full steam ahead with all the loose ends and get this done for everyone. I hope to have the book complete and ready for the printers by February.

Project: Mythic, the core book’s setting, showcases the rules in a superheroic horror setting inspired by B.P.R.D, Fringe, and Supernatural.

I’m so excited, and can’t wait to show the world the finished MYTHIC D6 core book!